Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Hey, Your Shoe's Untied.. Made ya Look!

I accidentally tricked myself into spilling my guts about some stuff. But I spilled my guts to myself, and now I'm kinda glad I did. How do you accidentally spill your guts to yourself? It's simple, really if you, like myself, bury your most painful memories and feelings and "grin and bear" life as it comes to you.
I started a new blog entry and convinced myself that I was going to be honest with the world and lay it all on the coffee table for everyone to see. Thing is, as I got about half way through it, I realized that being honest with people doesn't necessarily indicate revealing secrets. Sure, I've got some crazy, Lifetime movie material stowed away in my past, but that's then, this is now.
Although I'm not posting that draft, I can honestly tell you getting it all out in a more tangible form than just my thoughts helps to alleviate some of the pressure of hoarding those thoughts and feelings. However, maybe one day I'll share snippets about my struggles with an anxiety disorder, but I like the thought of being able to choose who I share that with. If you ever want to talk about anxiety, depression, or anything of the sort, do not hesitate to message me about it. It's easier to share with someone who's been there.
Switching gears, there's this game I stumbled upon tonight, and it's wayy addicting. Check out the Wikipedia Game. Let me know how you do :]

Peace, Love, and Hugs,



Anonymous said...

Dani, when you are ready to discuss those things, you will and we will be here to listen to them.

LFC_Loads said...

omg the wikipedia game? i was playing that in religion class the other day.

i got from some casio calculator to texas loop 503 or some road in texas.

great fun =].

and also, i am with amber. wanna share something? just send a message through. i shall do likewise. my problem atm is stress, as i am in my final year. therefore exams are clouding my vision =\

Legacy2000 said...

At least two-thirds of my drafts never get published. Often I write something, read it, say "I feel much better now" and then delete it.

Lauren said...

Heyyyyyy Dani =] Yeah, being able to get things settled with yourself is most important and I understand the whole depression and anxiety thing. I definitely went through that also. I have a lot of stuff that I haven't shared with anyone either. Love you! =]