Saturday, June 19, 2010

To Infinite, and Beyond in 140 Characters Or Less

I believe sharing my latest triumph with you all is in order. I quit my job! It's quite liberating. I won't go into too much detail, but working on a register for 5+ hours can only hold my attention span for so long.
Now, it's time to focus on my freshman year of college, although I do have a job opportunity I'm waiting to hear from. But for now, I have time to enjoy life again. See, I am an 18-year-old trapped in the mind of a 32-year-old. I have the constant ominous feeling of responsibility lurking about me. Gotta plan for my future! Gotta save up money for my future! Gotta prevent sun damage and global warming for the future! Well, I say it's time to put the future in daycare and give myself some much needed mental TLC.  Que sera, sera, baby.

Dropped quotes that amused me:

Today at work a little girl with curly brown pigtails came up to my register and said, "You're pretty!"
Me: "Aw, hehe, thank you! You're so cute!"
Pigtails: "Yeah, I know."

. . .

Saw Toy Story 3 with my boyfriend and my little sister. Her highness wouldn't let me sit by my boyfriend because she simply couldn't sit on the outside of us.
Me: Emily, can't TJ sit in the middle so we both can sit by him?
Emily: Noooo, I want to sit by both of you. And what if someone tried to attack us? Do you want them to attack me first?
She got me again with her flawless logic. Still, I'm a bit skeptical.


By the by, I've jumped on the Twitter bandwagon, and with every new follower I become more addicted. It's like they've spiked my keyboard with Twitdrugs. Dear Lord help us all.

Good night, world.


Lauren said...

Hey Dani! Girl, I totally understand how you've been feeling. I was in tears last night over stress. Yay for not working at Lowes anymore lol that place smelled like hard labor anyway ^.^

LFC_Loads said...

hahah that little girl with pigtails.

btw is TS3 good?

Lauren said...

I will definitely have to change that out. I'm glad I have someone that understands lol, it's really hard to change your entire way of thinking though.

Ava said...

Speaking as the 30-something whose body is starting to catch up with her head, I know it's stressful to have that voice in your head demanding you be responsible but be also grateful for it. You'll learn how to manage it better and better as you age but there is significant upside to always wanting to have your shit together; you'll have your shit together.