Tuesday, June 29, 2010


I've been on a DIY kick lately. The thought of making something with my own two hands that is useful and visually attractive excites me. Of course, I'm not very good at finishing projects, so I don't want to waste a bunch of energy and money on something I won't complete. For example, my sewing skills are very basic, but I've always wanted to make some cute dresses (like the fabulous ones at ModCloth, which are too expensive for my taste). But my concern with sewing is the technicality of it all and the likelihood that it will look painfully homemade.

Speaking of DIY, take a look at this site, KnittaPlease. Knitting graffiti??? Oh, heckk yeahh. Adding cuddly goodness to a world of concrete and metal -- sooo right up my ally.
With the craziness of starting college classes and quitting my job, my stress level hasn't exactly improved lately. In fact, I'm chewing on my nails right now. Stopppp ittt, Daniiii. I need to try a few minutes of relaxation a day. Do a little stretching, a little clearing of my mind  ...We'll see how that goes.

My psych teacher makes me want to smash my face onto the desk repeatedly. Please allow me to rant for a moment. Reasons she works my nerves:
1. She reiterates everything. No, please continue defining adolescence for the next ten minutes since none of us here have experienced it yet.
2. She misuses words by replacing them with a similar sounding, but completely different word. For example, today maturation became masturation, autonomy became anatomy, and egocentrism became egocetracitosmistical.....umm...egocet....
3. She says "um" so often that I can't focus on what she is trying to teach. I know you know what I'm talking about. When someone uses "like" or "um" after every other word, all you hear is "like" or "um."
4. She showed a movie in a collegiate class. A movie. Not a documentary. Not an educational visual aid. Not even Magic School Bus. She showed The Notebook. You know the one that everyone has either seen a thousand times or has vowed never to watch because it's so cheesy...or too scary?? (I used to be a fan of the movie, but after watching it a few times, it gets annoying). Her justification for the movie was the fact that "Allie" has Alzheimer's disease. If you have seen the movie you know that it does not go into enough detail to deem the movie educational.

Forgive my harsh words and pointless whining. Just thought I'd share that tidbit.

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Peace, Love, & Hugs,



Lauren said...

Lol dude who's your psych teacher? Cause mine is retarded too lol she started to tell this story about how she was drunk one night and saw a ghost. I wanted to remind her that she was drunk and probably didnt see anything at all, and that she went to UWA and no one she's dumb as hell lol
but oh well. I hope your stresses all get better. What's DIY btw?

Moon said...

Luckily, not all psychologists are like that :D

Lauren said...

Lol my teacher is Mrs. Tucker. It sucks, because she's a really nice teacher...but a really bad one lol and dude, blog about it! I'll so comment :)

Lauren said...

Oh yea, and you HAVE to tell me how you made your adorable little...pigs can fly picture at the top of your blog. I wants one x.x

Lauren said...

EEEEEK! That'd be SOOOO cool lol I dunno, you can get all creative. Something to do with a clarinet. Obviously lol

Gypsy said...

You could turn that into a drinking game. Ok, so you can't drink liquor on campus, but you could down your latte quickly by taking a slug every time your Prof. says "like" or "um."