Monday, August 1, 2011

Brain on Overdrive

July is officially over, and the start of school is taunting me from a close distance, but I'm busting tail until then. I'd like to be relaxing the whole time, and that's what I had planned to do, but my mind and my body have a dysfunctional relationship and won't let me sit still.

My brain not only switches to ON mode when I wake up, but also to Crazy, Overanalyzing, Get-Stuff-Done, Sleep-is-for-Chumps mode. It's great that I'm getting stuff done, but I want to be lazy like every college kid should be during summer. Instead, I've been working several hours each morning for the past two weeks to sort, clean, and price stuff my family and I are getting rid of for a garage sale. I am DETEERMINED to have everything ready by this weekend. I'm sick of the piles of clutter that have built up around the house and garage. Silver lining: My mom said I can use all of the money made this weekend for text books. Oh, happy day! It'll make the sting of book costs a lot less nauseating.

I've also been scraping cheap, poorly-applied purple tint from my car windows. The lovely people who owned my car before me must have thought it was a good idea, but I'm not so thrilled with bubbling and cracking tint. I can only do a little at a time because it is so hot and humid outside, so it's taking me weeks to remove it. Just a little more to go..

My other project of these past few weeks has been a little more rewarding and enjoyable. Buying and selling mid century decor has been incredibly tough, but I made two sales this past week! Didn't make a huge profit since I messed up the shipping a little, but that's better than losing money, right? Anyway, I'm getting better at calculating shipping, so hopefully my prices will be more accurate and I won't have to keep dipping into the profits.

It's amazing that I've been able to write this much considering how fidgety I am right now, so I'm not gonna press my luck. I'll stop here for now. I'm going to try to write soon about my favorite store for buying vintage items. It's bizarre, disheveled, and unconventional, but then so am I.

Oh, before I forget, I am able to see comments on my site (and appreciate them very much!), but I can't comment on other blogspot blogs for some reason. That's usually how I reply to people, but now I can't. I guess I'll be switching to replying in the comments on here from now on, but I am still going to look at everyone's blogs and TRY to comment if I can. If not, just know I'm still reading your posts and commenting on my head..? Okay, bye for real this time!

Later, gators.


Vikrant Khanka said...

do visit!

Jesse Childe said...

Hey laziness ain't for everyone. I've been working all summer too.

Anonymous said...

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