Thursday, October 13, 2011

Update 10-13-2011

Oh my gosh! I've neglected my blog yet again. Surprised? Me neither. But I've been insanely preoccupied with going to school, working, mantaining the remnants of my social life, and starting my Etsy shop.

Speaking of which, I'm addicted to buying and selling vintage now more than ever. I decided that I did, indeed, want to run my own shop badly enough to dedicate the time, money, and energy it requires. The whole experience has completely revolutionized my outlook on life and my view of myself.

I'm not 100% confident in myself yet, but I've seen a huge improvement. While setting up my shop and selling for a month or two, I had to learn to trust my gut, pat myself on the back when I'm right, and learn from my mistakes when I'm wrong. And I've made a lot of mistakes (most of them dealing with shipping...ugh!), but for some reason messing up makes me want to try even harder at succeeding the next time.
I've got way too many thoughts about everything that's going on right now (selling online, trying to start a business, changing my major, anticipating my mom's remarriageat the end of this month..the list goes on), but there's only so many hours in a day. Still, I feel like writing about starting a business will hold me accountable to actually doing it. And even if I decide now is not the time (though I'd hate to get to that point), I think it's important I document all of this now so I can go back one day and remember this time in my life.

I'm known to over-analyze things...can't you tell??

I'll stop here for now. Soon, I plan to start a new blog that isn't as scattered as this one about thrifting, vintage, selling online, crafting, life, whatever.. But for now, Ima go get me some food and go to sleep!

So tell me...How are things going for you guys? What's new in your life?




GalaxyWoMuN said...

hi! it's creekside diner. i am so proud of you! your shop looks great and opening in the first place is a HUGE accomplishment. we are new, also. i look forward to hearing about your adventures! <3

Jesse Childe said...

hey it's been a whiiiile. But seriously, vintage stuff is the shit if you don't mind me saying. And it shows great drive and courage to want to start a business, especially at our age. I'm still scrounging from meal to meal to pay for my tuition, but it's all good.