Sunday, July 24, 2011

Itch for Kitsch

Hey guys!

I've neglected this blog terribly, but I'm going to try to revive it. I've been on a thrift store binge for the past two weeks, and consequently, I have accumulated a bunch of clutter. Of course, some of the clutter has proved profitable, and for that I'm thrilled (and relieved). I bought a leather polaroid camera case for 59 cents and it sold last week for $14.99. You can bet I squealed with joy.

I have more stuff listed on my Etsy shop, Itch for Kitsch, but I am eager to find more vintage and retro things to sell. I want to learn a lot about buying and reselling and maybe, just maybe, one day run my own brick & mortar antique store one day.

I told myself last night that I was going to stay away from the thrift store until next week, but I should have known I was going to wake up the next morning and go. Hum. But I'm telling myself it's okay because I found some fun, kitschy stuff and I had a conversation with a sweet lady who also thrifts for fun and encouraged me to thrift more. She has unknowingly become what clinicians refer to as "an enabler."

I have several vintage vinyl records to list in my shop, as well as some other small items, so hopefully that will tie me over for a bit. I'm getting antsy because I've only had one sale on Etsy (2 on another venue), but things are supposed to pick up as it gets closer to Christmas.

I will try to post some of my recent finds (w/ pictures) within the next couple of days. Stay tuned :)

How is everyone's summer going?

"Ghost of My Braver Self"


Sarah ~ Magnolia's Attic said...

You know you can't stay away from thrift shops and garage sales -- it's in our genes!!!

Did you have damage from the tornado? I still have some relatives there and in Alberta City -- mainly tree and a bit of roof damage, thank goodness.

Good luck with your shop!

Hamza Bin Ladin said...

Thanks for trying to revive your blog. I missed reading your posts.=D