Saturday, May 14, 2011

One-Hundred Followers and a Comic

Slowly, but surely, this blog has reached 100 bloggers as of 6:30 this morning. Wooo! Even better than the number, I took a look at the stats of visitors, and I noticed that there is some major diversity among everyone. I love it. This means we can talk about interesting topics and get some different, but enlightening input.

This week, I've learned so much about myself (not all positive realizations, but they needed to surface), and I'm going to take the information and use it to better myself. Without going into major detail, I've basically come to grips with the fact that I am insecure about myself and that I owe it to myself to silence the negative thoughts that enter my mind. Don't get me wrong -- I generally like who I am and don't go around blatantly putting myself down, but I have a tendency to belittle myself and feel inferior to others. I know, I know, everyone feels that way sometimes, but it shouldn't keep a person from meeting new people or avoiding certain social situations. I don't exactly have a social anxiety disorder since I do go out a good bit and don't completely avoid people, but I have those tendencies. Which is probably why I blog, lol.

I've also realized this week that I have a lot of uncommon interests/hobbies. Normally, I try to downplay my nerdiness, but I think it's time to embrace my idiosyncrasies.
For starters, I know more about psychology than any non-major should. I love learning about why people think, speak, and act they way they do (which is also why I love anthropology).
I like to analyze poetry.
I have been crocheting and knitting since I was seven, and I have just taken up couponing to save my hard earned cash for my own place. Old lady alert! I am one FOXY GRANDMA. I think that would make a nice bumper sticker. When I qualify for seniors' discount, I want a foxy granny bumper sticker for my car. Or maybe I'll put one up now.
Oh, today, I went to the thrift store today (another weird thing about me, I love the thrift store!) and got some awesome things to decorate my room. I'm going with a shabby-chic, woodland, earthy, organic theme. I have a small obsession with mushrooms (the cute ones for decor. Not the other type. I always get weird looks when I say I love mushrooms) and owls (again, cute ones. Not the creepy, "Ima gonna snatch you up with muh talons" owls). I shall post pictures later of my finds.
And now, I leave you with a cartoon I drew a week or two ago when I was super bored.

The Panhandling Panda-Handler:

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Hamza Bin Ladin said...

Congrats on the century!
I,too haven't subscribed to any blog by mail,but instead of going through the long list on my dashboard,I add a list of my favorite blogs to my blog's side bar.:D

And thanks for your very kind comment on my blog.:D Thank you.

Melissa said...

I really related to this post. I have that same gray-area insecure but still social personality. I tend to belittle myself in a social situation until I think I suck and just want to just give up. It's nice to know that other people have this same issue - not enough to be a big problem, but just enough to get in the way. Great post!

Check out my blog:

Si said...

Haha I love your idiosyncrasies! Oddly I have a small obsession with mushrooms too, so our not alone in that respect. Probably because they're such an odd form of life!
Well done the centenary.

AmadeeKay said...

Congratulations on all of the followers!! I really enjoy reading your Blog because I relate to it so well. Hopefully someday I will get so many people following mine! :)