Saturday, May 7, 2011

Hodge Podge: Fish, Tornado, Coupons


I have an exciting announcement. The boyfriend showed me how to fish, and after a couple of minutes I caught my first fish! I'm sorry, that's not terribly exciting, but I was ecstatic because the boyfriend and his dad fish all the time and win competitions and stuff. Now I can say that I fish too. I'm practically a pro. I still won't touch the fish after I catch them, though. Slimy things with beady little eyes make me skittish.
I also caught a branch, but it wasn't as impressive.

Stream of consciousness, GOOO: A tornado rudely slashed through my town last week. Crazy stuff. The last storm (which was about two weeks ago) brought about a tornado that did not touch down, but it did rip through my neighborhood and dump a tree on my house (minor damage, no one was hurt). The more recent storm sent a massive tornado about ten miles from my house, and it leveled a huge part of this town (we could see it from my house. My mom went upstairs to watch it from my brother's window. Best place during a tornado? Not upstairs or by a window). We are in a major college town in Alabama and we received an insane amount of damage, so the media has gone crazy over covering the story. It's kind of annoying, actually. My Facebook exploded with a bunch of statuses about how everyone was volunteering and donating. Just a tip, self-promoting the fact that you volunteered or donated is super irritating. To me, at least. I could just stay off Facebook since it gets on my nerves so badly, right? WRONG. Facebook has wrapped my little attention span around it's finger and won't let go unless I promise it my first born child. I would, but I've already promised it to the oil industry.
Wow. Somebody's got a bunch of built up ill-feelings. I didn't mean for that rant to be so long, and in fact, I have more to say on that subject, but I'll close the lid on the matter.

Have you seen Extreme Couponing? It's my guilty pleasure show, and I'm falling victim to couponing. It requires the perfect amount of detailed obsession and a fine-toothed comb of iron. Most people would cringe at the thought of clipping, sorting, making lists, checking them twice, stockpiling, etc, but I'm just the uptight white girl for the job.

I'm definitely working on not being so uptight. Since I finished school (first year of college down for the count, babyyyy), I have embraced this notion of "nothing to do" and have tried my hand at fun things. It's been quite a long time since I've done nothing but unproductive, yet fun, things.

So, I've taken a look at the blogs of those of you who have so kindly commented, and I'm loving all of these thoughts and poems that are being produced. I've also noticed that many people are new bloggers and, generally, about to start or have recently started college. If you guys have any questions about blogging and/or/but not limited to college, definitely throw them my way. I can't give a supreme answer over all other answers and reveal hidden insights about life, but I can surely give my opinion and share with you how I deal/dealt with things. And, if it's pretty applicable to most people, I just might incorporate it in a blogpost.

Now go and hug yo mamma and tell her happy mamma's day. Or, go hug someon else's mamma and tell them that they are the best someone else's mamma ever.


AmadeeKay said...

I love fishing! I am deffinately with you on the whole not touching them because they are gross and slimy thing. My dad does all the dirty work for me :)

I've seen Extreme Cuponning a few times. It's crazy how much those people can save! I watched an episode with my aunt last week, and somebody had four or five thousand dollars worth of things, but with all of their cupons it rang up to negitive three! I was pretty impressed.

Hamza Bin Ladin said...

Happy Mothers day!
You promised your first born to the/an oil industry..? 0-o
I have been blogging since 8 months now,you can very well count me as a new blogger.I'm confused about,as been a guy,what should I blog about,about my daily idiosyncrasies or review books? Because I love both of them,I'm dong both on my blog.
I followed your blog,a little time back,but couldn't follow all your posts,but I'll from now on.That definitely a PROMISE.:D
I just Bear hugged ma mumma...!
Btw,Did I mention earlier than blog is awesome?:D It really is splendorous.

Jesse Childe said...

Tell your boyfriend I'm the fish whisperer and he got nothin' on me. lol just kidding

glad to know you're ok after the tornadoes. i was wandering around boulder in a daze and telling everybody how to donate to the red cross for weeks.