Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Apps & Such

I'm going to share some of my favorite Android apps. Why? No idea. But here goes.

I have an Android (Samsung Vibrant, woop woop), and I love browsing the market for new apps (that are FREE. If it's not free, I'm probably not going to get it). Some of my favorites:

Astrid Tasks
I use this app to remind myself of upcoming assignments, tests, projects, appointments, etc. Great user interface, and it can be synchronized with Google Calendar (which makes adding a bunch of tasks via a computer then adding them to your phone a lot easier).

 Personally, I hate using headphones to talk to people on the phone hands-free because it takes too long to get them into my ears (securely and comfortably), and bluetooth devices freak me out because people who use them in public look like they are talking to themselves (or I think they are trying to talk to me, which is just as awkward). When "Car Mode" is activated, I don't have to worry about answering the call and finding the speaker phone button while driving. It automatically puts the caller on speaker phone so you can spend less time with your eyes off the road (I know, don't use your phone and drive, but in the real world, there are some calls that must be answered asap. Texting, however, can and should wait. Plus, if you have a touch phone, there is no way physically possible to focus on driving and text unless you're so addicted to texting that you have memorized the distances your fingers must travel to press each letter, in which case you should be psychoanalyzed. But I digress...).

This is a simple app that reminds you to breathe (Come again? Dani, do you really need an app to remind you? Freakin' moron..). Before you second guess my sanity, try two minutes of controlled, mindful breathing, and you'll see why I think this app is great. Helps me to relax.

In other news, I had a really simple, yet absolutely perfect birthday this week. Got some great gifts and had some delicious cake from Coldstone Creamery.
I have a final on Sunday, 2 on Monday, and a project that's not due until next Friday. Then I'm doneeee with this semesterrrrrr, oh my goodnesss, I can't waitttttt. Ready for a change. So ready.

Do you like discovering new apps? What types of apps do you like best?

Or, just tell me about other stuff you like to discover on the web/on your phone.




Veronica said...

I have a vibrant too and i absolutely love it. My favorite apps write now are MyDays so I can track my period since I am constantly forgetting when its supposed to arrive. I am also addicted to the WordFeud and Angry Birds games!

Lori Nicole said...

Okay, before mentioning anything relevant to this post, I must express how amused I was by the comment moderation word. The word in question being "feakedi" which first made me think, "Does Dani get to pick these words herself?" and laugh aloud secondly.


I love your cuteness. And I wish I could get applications on my phone because the breathing one would be my most used and favorite. I really want to be TAUGHT mindful meditation and have some kind of regulated sessions to make sure I focus for however long completely. How do you learn? Do you have to be taught by a psychologist or yoga instructor? :/

Simply.Aya said...

Love the suggestions! Especially Astrid Task, my forgetful self needs a constant reminder app like that.

I suggest Brainwave Tuner. It's am app that just plays different types of music to stilmulate different responses in your brain. Like a certain "song" for sleeping, a certain "song" for studying, etc.

Jesse Childe said...

dude I just have to say that the breathing sounds soooo naropa to me lol. But yeah, that is very inportant.