Thursday, November 25, 2010

Gobble Gobble

Just got done eating a wonderful dinner. My mom and I resolved to make our own Thanksgiving dinner this year, which is a big deal. Our family was invited to two dinners this year, and though we appreciated the offer, we really wanted to just have a layed back, enjoyable meal without the awkwardness of being in someone else's home stuffing our faces and then scrounging up decent conversations with people we rarely see. Okay, maybe that wasn't my mom's reasoning, but it was close, I'm sure.
So, this morning at about 4:30, my mom went to the store and bought one of the last two turkeys (good to know we weren't the only losers who wait until the day of to buy supplies). One of the guys that works there even showed her where he hid some extra boxes of pumkin bread mix for the last minute folks.
I worked on the apple pie crust for at least two hours. It was either too dry, too moist, too crumbly, etc. I finally got one batch to roll out perfectly, but as I lifted it to line the glass pan, I realized I didn't put enough flour underneath it, and it stuck to the counter. My luck. I ended up lumping it together and flattening it out in the pan instead. You gotta do what you gotta do to make stuff work.
The turkey, which was supposed to only take 3 hours to cook, took 5 hours, so our 3 o'clock meal turned into a 5 o'clock meal. But that's okay. It was satisfying.

Dropped quote from dinner conversation:
Mom - "Jared, I have one question, and I want the truth. What was your harmonica, a roll of toliet paper, your inhaler, and a bar of soap doing in your pillow case?"

You had to be there, I guess.

How was everyone else's Thanksgiving? Or, if you don't live in the US, how has your week been so far?



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Lauren said...

Your toolbar is really neat :) I had an alright Thanksgiving. I totally get you when you illustrated what the average thanksgiving is like. I had to go to one today with Cameron and I met like 20 people from his family. It was weird and a little pointless. My mom didn't go with me and Cameron and my dad to visit my sister though, after her and dad fought all morning. Not really a surprise though. She hardly attends anything anyway. I hope you're doing well Miss Dani :) Love you