Monday, August 9, 2010

Off-Season Purchases for Big-Savings

     With the start of fall classes aiming point blank at our summer vacations, the last thing we want to shop for is bathing suits and cute sundresses. Although it's almost time to pack up the warm clothes and dig out chic scarves and warm knits, this is the time to make some frugal investments for next summer. Clothing companies trade out their warm weather wear to make room for cool-climate clothing. If you're like me, you hesitate to buy spring/summer clothing in the fall/winter even if it's a bargain because you are going to have to wait until the weather changes accordingly to show off your frugal finds. However, you don't want to spend an arm, a leg, and your firstborn child to re-vamp your wardrobe each season. It's time to be thrifty in the off seasons so you can splurge on more instantly-gratifying indulgences (like Starbucks everyday after class!). Here are some trendy brands that are cutting back on price (but not style):


Bathing suit shopping is a hassle no matter what size you are, and finding a perfect fit online is typically even harder, but I was thoroughly pleased with Pacsun's choices. First off, they have an accurate size chart that tells you which to order based on your measurements and how to determine those measurements. Right now, they are running a sale on swimsuit separates that is "buy one get one free," and each piece ranges from about $12.99 to $19.99. So, say you find a top and bottom that you like, each priced at $19.99 and are buy one get one's, you just scored a bathing suit for $20! I got 3 tops, 2 bottoms, and 2 pairs of board shorts for about 70 bucks -- which averages out to 10 bucks each of course (plus, I got $25 worth of in-store or online credit. Word!)


Not only do they have cute summer clothes on sale, but they also have sweaters and jackets for half the original price. Also, some of their summer tops can be layered for fall ensembles. Quick tip: Forever 21 is almost always running a deal on free shipping if you spend a certain amount, so try some collaborative shopping with your friends to meet the minimum amount and be eligible for free shipping.


If you haven't checked out Asos, you're missing out on eclectic and glamorous clothing that you can't find in many stores. They have a wide variety of items on sale (not just summer items!) and a customizable search engine that let's you choose your price range, color, size, brand, material, etc. Plus, there's a flat rate of $6 on shipping to the U.S. I am falling in love with this site more and more every time I visit it and can't wait to make my first purchase.

Next summer, when prices go back up, you be glad you took the time to do a little out-of-season bargain hunting. Know of any good end-of-summer sales? Post 'em here.


Lauren said...

Gah Dani, haha, you sound like my sister. She's 34, by the way =p Word, I'll totally have to check that out. And we NEED to hang before school starts back. or I'll be oober pissed lol

Jesse Childe said...

Meh, I just get whatever looks alright from second hand stores lol. I know how to rock the salvation army look.

Lauren said...

hahaha Dani you're so silly

Queni said...

Why did u change ur blog :-(
I liked the first look better (-:-D