Friday, July 30, 2010

The "Write or Die" Writers' Resource

Lately, I've found that I can't muster up enough motivation/inspiration to write anything, be it a blog post, poem, short story, essay, ransom note, whatever... The point is, I don't see a point. I always over-edit while I'm writing, and have a habit of talking my self out of writing altogether. A wonderful creative writing teacher/friend told me that when writer's block occurs, just write. "Don't think," she says, "just write." Still, that never seemed to penetrate into my writing habits. My dear readers, I believe I have found a resource that will help with writer's block and procrastination.
Write or Die is one of the most ingenious sites I've ever "stumbled upon," although it seems like an idea so obvious that I wonder why I didn't think of it first. Ohh, yeah.. because I was too busy editing my writing or checking Facebook (I think Mark Zuckerburg is the Hitler of social networking that takes out his competition by promoting procrastination. No one can defeat him when they are milking their cows on Farmville or deleting 46 "What Kind of Kiss Are You?" notifications sent by that chick from high school. But I digress..).
The site in a nutshell: Write or Die allows you to set a minimum time goal,  minimum word goal, consequences mode, and a grace period mode. Once you begin your writing session, you must write non-stop until the time is up, and you must meet your word goal. You may pause in your writing for a certain amount of time depending on your grace period setting, and if you don't complete your writing goal in the time allotted, you suffer a consequence (the severity is dependent upon your consequences setting). Because that probably didn't make a whole lot of sense, you should mosey on over to Write or Die and check it out for yourself.

I have yet to try it out, but I plan to sometime in the next few minutes. If you try it too, post your goal, time, consequences, grace period, and how well you did!

Peace, Love, & Hugs,


PS. I'm still working on cleaning up this site. I want to add some pages to take away some of the clutter from the main page. If you have any other suggestions on how to improve stuff around here, lemme know.


Lauren said...

Now you know how I've been feeling for the past YEAR about writing. It's SOOOOO frustrating. I just don't come up with things like I used to anymore. Let me know how that site goes and I'll check it out also =]

JodieeHeartzYou said...

Lolz I never think about what I write. I just write. And the result is always great. XD Cool blog, Dani. I'm going to follow you. Feel free to follow me as well.

Lauren said...

You should DEFINITELY tell me more about that. I don't know. My problem is that I don't know if I REALLY have a problem or if it's something I've created. I don't know. One side of my family has a lot of emotional problems and stuff, but I don't know. My dad is against all of that stuff and doesn't really believe in disorders like that, so it's kinda of a divided house. Yeah, I hope that I can be a clinical psychologist and help people with problems like mine or worse, but...yeah...I guess I'm just trying to figure myself out

Queni said...

I like the way u write (-:-D

Specially the HITLER part..wahaha..