Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Scholarships and Nostalgia

Favorite song of the moment: Coal War by Joshua James

This morning, my school held a ceremony for scholarship recipients and award-winners. Boringg. But I got three scholarships (and super fly commemorative certificates) and my mom cried because her little girl is graduating from high school. I'm truly not as nostalgic and heartbroken as I thought I'd be. I figured I wouldn't know what to do with myself once they let go of our hands and drop us from helicopters at high altitudes to the "big people" world. But mannn, I'm so ready to get on with life. I didn't invest my entire life into high school, and therefore I'm having an easier transition into the collegiate level education. I start two summer classes in June at the junior college, and then I'm hitting the University. Huzzah.

I need to study for the AP English test, so I'm gonna cut this short (I'm so nervous! It's a nail-biter! ..although I already bite my nails for everything else =/ ).


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Katie said...

hey we both posted about awards day!

and yeah I wasn't too big on high school either...but I will admit there was a kinda weird overall feeling today.