Tuesday, May 18, 2010

I Think It Was Called "Pimp and Circumcision" Or Something

Graduation could not have been anymore boring. But I'm free from high school now, and I don't anticipate missing it for at least another five years or so. I didn't even throw my cap up with the rest of the class. I just stood there waiting until the heard of photo-taking buffalo charged toward us graduates. I can't begin to tell you how frustrating it was to go all the way around the field in search of an open gate to meet up with my family who I couldn't find anyway. Finally found them and my mom is all, "Pictures! Get together... smile!" I got some fantastic gifts and cards (and cash!). My mother dearest got me a laptop, a gift for which I am eternally grateful. Of course, I kind of wish I had complete and solitary control over it. A password protected User desktop doesn't serve much purpose if your mom calls you at work and insists you give her your password. And then laugh at your choice of password.
One of my friends that came to my graduation after party gave me a book called Confederacy of Dunces. You've probably heard of it if you are into literature. It's supposed to be widely known among the literary elite. So far, it's grabbed my attention, and I'm only on page 7. If you have read it, what did you think of it? (no spoilers, please!).
Speaking of literature, if you know anything about the Brontë sisters and enjoy nerdy English humor, then you'll probably giggle as much as I did when I saw the sisters kicking some misogynistic tail.
There are two things I do in life against my better judgement: 1) chew gum in school and 2) listen to Lady Gaga's music. Gaga's songs are so trashy yet catchy. They make me wanna throw on a gawdy leotard, suede knee-high boots, and fake eyelashes that cause mini hurricanes when I blink. Then I wanna turn off my Telephone and Just Dance. And maybe poison people in a diner with my multi-million dollar Single Lady. [check out this acapella Gaga tribute, homes.]

I'm gonna go put on my yellow nail polish I bought today (oh, coooool kiddd).



Gypsy said...

Congrats! Mine is in June. Not from high school though. High school was way back when dinosaurs roamed the earth.

Anonymous said...

Congrats grad!! Cute post and yes, Confederacy of Dunces is a WONDERFUL read.

PS: I fed your fish too!

LFC_Loads said...

yeah congrats dani!

now its my turn! hahah. i graduate in late september, with final exams ending on the 2nd of november.

LFC_Loads said...

i replied to your comment on my blog. just thought i'd let you know here so you know.=]

Ava said...

It's going to so awesome how big your world will be by the time you get to 30. And it's great that you are writing stuff down now. You will realize how much you are still you and you will cringe as well. :-) Congratulations on your scholarships and graduation and passed AP exams and all the other milestones of this time of life.