Thursday, October 21, 2010

Get Out There and Live!

(..then come back and blog about it)

"I've said it before: it's always better to be out and have fun then to blog..."
 If I had a reader's quote of the week, this one (compliments of the lovely Moon) from my last post would surely take the prize. Blogging is great, but what do you have to blog about if you aren't taking time to enjoy the simple wins, not taking a single breath for granted? Zippo. That's nothing. And a metal lighter manufacturer.

My work load is pretty insane right now. So many freakin' dealines. Papers, tests, reading assignments, etc. On top of that, I'm determined not to wait until the last minute (like I did last year) to apply for scholarships, so I'm having to gather up bushels of information and email bazillions of people. Oh, and these people, by the way, are set on giving me a hard time. I've come to the conclusion that my questions to them are an inconvenience, nevermind the fact that it is their job to help me out.

Anyway, as I cross items off my to-do list, more appear in their place. What's a girl to do?

Peace, Love, and Hugs,


PS. I'm trying out the new toolbar thingy at the bottom of the window just to spice things up and make my blog a little more dynamic. Let me know what you think, and if you have any other suggestions regarding the look and feel of this site, do tell.

Oh, and, can you guess who I wanna be for halloween? :]
(If you guessed Elmo, you're getting warmer. Guess again).

Of course, my dress would be wayyy cuter and significantly less revealing. I don't do that whole "BAM! In your face!" cleavage thing.


Lauren said...

If only I had cleavage to share :(
I agree with you :) Most certainly. If you find any good scholarships or scholarship sites, let me know chick!

Jesse Childe said...

I hear ya on the workload. Seriously, I got all the fuckin work I need. And I've noticed financial aid people can be flakey too. You kinda have to check up with them every once in a while to make sure you got everything straight and they don't send you an email about something you never even knew about that's due at midnight that night.

Lauren said...

Thanks so much Dani :D