Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Bucket Lists and Jellyfish

I think i'll add "get stung by a jellyfish" to my bucket list.
I swear there's logic in my thought process that led to this conclusion.
A friend and I began talking about bucket lists a few days ago, and the subject has attatched itself to the back of my mind since. Bucket lists introduced itself to the subject of jellyfish -- a subject stemmed from my fear of swimming in the ocean at night. Bucket list and jellyfish hit it off right away, and the two collaborated to make a revelation.
Are you still with me?
If I add a painful, unpleasant experience like getting stung by a jellyfish to my bucket list, then in the event that said experience occurs, I'll have met one of my goals and I'll have an interesting story to write about.
Still confused?
People write what they know(or at least they should). If I got stung by a jellyfish or experienced some other unfortunate event, I would gain authority to confidently write a story based on the incident. I hate pain as much as the next pansy, but my inner Bronte and Dickinson welcome the experiences in a twisted way.


Christolear said...

Kind of like how I can write about car wreaks now!?

Jody said...

It's that idea of being purified by going through the fire. Even though you go through the trials, they purify you and hopefully make you so much stronger and better. So often I don't want to go through the fire...I'd rather walk by the candle on a table at a restaurant. : )

Dani said...

that's the idea, laurie!

i completely agree, sensei :]

Lauren said...

whaaaaa lol

Moon said...

Saw you in the coffee shop. I like your layout (but I don't know what it was before) I like the way you write (and think). You use cool quotes that grab attention. Really like it!