Thursday, July 16, 2009

She writes in third person and daydreams

She has so much fun writing about herself in third person. When people are written about in third person, as in a story, it usually indicates that something extraordinary is going to happen to that person.


Secretly, she wonders if she will ever be able to put up with a guy's flaws long enough to date him, marry him, and grow old with him.

She thinks, perhaps, she should just get a dog.


She knows the guy she is going to marry.
She doesn't know what he looks like or where he lives. Or how old he is or what kind of job he has. But she knows about him. He's respectful, friendly, and personable. Confident, not arrogant. When a stranger talks to him, he talks back instead of awkwardly avoiding conversation. People like to be around him. He isn't clingy, but he enjoys every second he is with her.

Above all, he loves God more than anyone or anything on earth, even her. He prays for her, and she prays for him.

She can't wait to meet him.


Jody said...

I like him. He seems nice. And he'll like your dog, too. By the way, he sounds a lot like the guy I'm going to marry.

Dani said...

Who? My dog? you know charlie would love to marry you! haha. jk.