Friday, January 23, 2009

Poetry, by yours truly

Happiness is a loose term
For loose lips,
Spoken by the mind
And not by the heart.
For if the heart could describe its state,
One word would be spoken in vain.
Rather, a song of sorrow,
a song of praise,
thankfulness, faith, strife of its days.

Happiness is the dust on the ground,
carried away by the wind;
Here today, nowhere to be found tomorrow.
To strive for happiness is to chase after a dream long gone.
When its gone there's nothing to show.
No one would know
That there was a time when you felt alive.
There's a happiness as defined by the wise
that is a cup of the sweetest drink
that never runs dry.
Every sip contains, and retains, love.
It's the light-hearted emotion branded on your life;
Contentment because, for once,you won't be abandoned.
Not again.

May I never be happy,
but the glass is still half-full.
For happiness is false,
but His love is Life.


Kate said...

I like the rhythm(sp?) of it. A lot.

Have to think about the meaning. But I really do thinks it's good.

Dani said...

thank ya :]

I was so tired of people saying, "I'm so happy today!!" then boo-hoo the next. It seems like 'happy' is a term that is kinda thrown around.
Striving for complete 'happiness' is usually done in vain because most people look for highs that last a milisecond, then vanish.
Then I added a bit about complete joy in my life and where I've found it.

That's about it ;]

Kate said...

well, I blame the ups and downs on teen hormones. I look forward to adulthood.

I get it , though