Saturday, January 1, 2011

First Post of the New Year

Happy 2011 :]

I don't do the whole "new years resolutions" thing, but there are some things I wanna explore in the coming months.
1. Lucid Dreaming: Inception captivated me, and I did a little research to see which parts of the movie are accurate. While it's not exactly possible to hack peoples dreams as they did in the movie, some people are more inclined than others to experience dreaming in which they are aware that they are dreaming and can therefore manipulate certain elements. Allegedly, you are supposed to be able to "train" your mind to be more capable of lucid dreaming and must practice techniques to improve. Sounds cool to me.

2. Rock climbing: I bought a "Living Social" voucher for a really awesome rock climbing studio visit. Fifteen bucks for a two people, all-day pass, shoe rental included. Yay for frugal Dani! If I like it enough, I'll go more often and maybe even join the studio on campus (and, even further, I think real rock climbing would be super fun if I trained for it).

3. Dance: I've also realized that I really love to dance. I mean, I've taken lessons when I was younger, and I wasn't that bad at it, but I haven't had time for it. Now, my schedule is freeing up, and I think I wanna check out some classes in town. Lyrical and jazz are my favorite styles, so I'll probably try those first. TJ said he'd learn to ballroom dance with me, but I dunno if he was serious about that :P

Speaking of dancing, my little sister got the Michael Jackson Experience game for the Wii this Christmas. IT FREAKIN' KICKS MY TAIL. But it's awesome. I didn't realize how easy it is to pick up on some of the dance moves. And it is an amazing work out. I couldn't move the next day, of course, but that's because my muscles are currently made of Play-Doh. I caught a video of my mom playing the game, too, but she would lacerate my face with a steak knife if she found out I posted it, so it shall stay hidden.

How was everyone's Christmas/New Years? Got any resolutions/plans?

Later, gators.


Lauren said...

I always attempt to do the New Year's resolution thing, but I never do. I hope to be lazy this year lol and do more things that I enjoy, like writing, clarinet, and whatever else I can think of. Not to mention being more active. Dancing would be so neat. I'd love to learn to do ballroom dancing. I'll be your partner! :D

Taylor said...

New Year's Resolutions are such awesome things since they can be BIG motivators. Last year I had one to not eat chocolate the whole year, (Crazy? Yep.), and I managed the whole year. It was an amazing will power builder as well.


Ugg Australia said...

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