Saturday, May 23, 2009

A Freedom Writer

I've been running away from my stress so much lately that the pounding of it's footsteps behind me are inevitable. I can't ignore it any longer. Taking a deep breath helps, but that's a difficult task when you feel like you are being smoldered by a pillow. A pillow made of sandpaper.
Don't get me wrong. Life is a wonderful thing, but the wearing and tearing is getting to be a bit much for me. I find myself wandering aimlessly in my mind, searching for something like aloe vera on a sunburnt back. Something to sooth my aching heart, something to rest my tired mind.
But I sat down at my computer and just started writing. Almost immediantly I began to feel like all of the worthless thoughts I had floating in my mind didn't matter and I could just be free. Free to succeed. Free to be someone. Free to give my ideas a voice. How awesome is that?

What do you do that makes you feel free?


Lauren said...

Aw....I like all the simple items and stuff that you use to explain your feelings. It's cute lol and makes it easy to relate. Um...Normally I talk to my friends or I write. I'm such a perfectionist with my writing though that it's hard for me to just start spilling my guts. lol.

Lauren said...

Aw...that was so cute how you used simple items to make your emotions relateable. Like the whole pillow and stuff. Really adorable. I liked it. Um...Normally I talk to my friends or I play in band...or...I write. But I'm such a perfectionist when I write that it's hard for me to just...spill. How's the first few days of summer?

Dani said...

thanks la la :]
summer is going great. hows yours??

Lauren said...

Hey Dani =] Wanna do me a favor?

Lauren said... read what I posted on my blog, and maybe a few other stories. I'm trying to get a book published before I graduate so I can get scholarship money and because I have a self publishing company that wants me to work with them....and uh...i need to finish a so i really need someone that doesnt mind reading my chapters and stuff and telling me what they think

Kate said...

yeah, that's life. But at least you've found something that makes you feel better.

Sometimes writing helps for me. But I write all the time, not just when something's wrong. When that happens I usually go for a walk....after punching a door and cursing but hey, to each his own.

Kate said...

I never called you close-minded. I never called you a bible-thumper. I never even used the term.

Don't act like you know how it feels. You have all your rights. I don't. That's a fact.

It's not just discrimination from peers: it's LEGAL rights. Legal rights that 10% of the American population do not recieve.

Why be mad at me? I'm not keeping you form YOUR rights....