Sunday, March 1, 2009

The Marbles I So Carefully Placed

Written in a dark time. It's not random, I swear. It has meaning, but the meaning isn't going to jump out at you and slap you in the face. If it does, I apologize.

The marbles I so carefully placed in a row
have scattered.
They fall to the floor, then split to pieces.
A shard rips through my bare foot
Opening a wound from a time
When color drained from leaves.
I looked to the leaves full of hope,
Believing they would cling to the branch longer,
Until the last one fell.
I cursed the pallid sky
And resisted the frigid air,
But a wind swept me from my bed
And tossed me to a place I'd been before.
A place of fear
A place of rejection
A place I once called home.
Now the fields are green once again;
The forests teeming with life.
Still, a wind takes me to that place of desolation
Now and again,
And I wait until the tide pulls me in, drowns me,
And I'm spit back onto dry land.
My spirit is chaffed and worn from repetition.
How many times must I die to
Convince myself to accept life?


Lori said...

Oh, Lord, Dani, the places you can go with a poet's heart as beautiful as that. This is amazing. And slightly heart breaking, and three different types of issues slapped me in the face. And I love you so much and want you to know how much of an influence you are. You're definitely one of the strongest people I know - and you've had so many difficulties and changes that must rock your foundation time and time again, but you still find a way back on top. And I really admire that. If you ever need to hash something out, you should know that I'm here for you, and I'm praying for you and your walk in life and with God.

And, again, this is really just amazing and so very beautifully written. Love ya!

Lauren said...

Oh wow Dani, that's really awesome. I saved it to my computer =] I'm not a poet at all. I can't get it to ever flow the right way. I think people that can have that ability are so incredibily gifted. I love you <3

Christolear said...

Yo yo yiggity yo. I honest to blogly loved it.